December 14 2016 Meeting Synopsis

Meeting Highlights

  • Theme: Mindfulness
  • Toastmaster: Angelique H
  • Word of the day: Cogitative
  • Guest: Gideon S
  • First Timers: Maria F (2nd Sgt@Arms) and guest Gideon S (Jester)
  • Most Improved: Julie F
  • Table Topics: Sheryl Roush
  • Best Evaluator: John W
  • Best Speaker Jerry M, “Alternate Reality “

Club Business

The meeting began with the election of club officers for the upcoming term (January 2017-June 2017).  The incoming officers are:

  • President: Karen W
  • Vice President of Education: John W
  • Vice President of Membership: Jerry M
  • Vice President of Public Relations: Max C
  • Secretary: Julia F
  • Treasurer: Cynthia P
  • Sargent-at-Arms: Terry H

Thanks to the outgoing board for their leadership and service!

December 1 2016 Meeting Synopsis

Meeting Highlights

  • Theme: My Pets
  • Toastmaster: Hal S
  • Word of the day:  Companion
  • Table Topics: “Aim” G
  • Most Improved: Maria F
  • Best Evaluator: Donna G
  • Best Speaker: Maria F, Competent Communicator manual project #3 (Get to the point) – Pepino

November 17 2016 Meeting Synopsis

Meeting Highlights

  • Theme: Turkey Tales
  • Toastmaster: Mark S
  • Word of the day: Gourmandize
  • Most improved: Cynthia K
  • Table Topics: Tim S
  • Best Evaluation: Terry H
  • Best Speech: Nancy J – Language, Culture and Confidence

At the conclusion of Nancy J’s winning speech, she enlisted several Voyagers to sign up to talk with her Conversational English students. Julia F’s speech was also successful in persuading Voyagers to sponsor a family for this holiday season. Kudos to them both for using their communication skills to help our community!