August 21 2014: President’s Report

Linda Teichman and Natalie Meehan shaking hands
Linda Teichman and Natalie Meehan

If you are Persnickety about speaking well in front of others, than you may be interested to hear about our “Bizarre” Toastmasters meeting with Toastmaster Linda Teichman.  Linda, had the pleasure of congratulating Natalie Meehan on her Best Speaker award.  Believe it or not, Natalie was also a First Timer too!  It is not often that someone comes to Toastmasters, Joins, gives their Icebreaker (first) speech and wins Best Speaker for the day!  Natalie’s speech was creative and Natalie is a natural.  It will be fun to watch Natalie progress as a speaker.

Other first timers were Jessica Walton as our timer and Cynthia Paloma as the ‘Ah Counter’.
Best Table Topics went to Trisha Landoni
Best Evaluator went to Jerry Marino
Most Improved went to Natalie Meehan
You don’t want to miss next weeks meeting with Toastmaster Jan Campana with the theme Labor Day. Bring a guest and join us for a meeting that is sure to educate and enchant.

Thursday, August 28, 2014 7:00 am at Cafe Coyote in Old Town.