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Club business

May 18 2017 Meeting

Meeting Highlights

The keynote presentation for this special community outreach meeting was by Voyager Alan Hoffmanner on Communication Skills for Leaders.  Alan presented research on a spectrum of traits for leaders.

Returning guest Francisca R joined the club today. Welcome Francisca!

  • Theme: Virtuous Cycles
  • Toastmaster: Jerry M
  • Word of the Day: Skill
  • Guests: Thekkla R; Francisca R (returning); Joe S
  • First Timers: Luke E (Timer); Rene R (Greeter)
  • Most Improved: Maria F
  • Best Table Topics: Joe S (Guest)
  • Best Evaluation: Mark S
  • Best Speaker: Maria F, “My Faithful Trusted Companion”; Competent Communicator Manual Project #4

Club Business

The current Board’s term of office ends on June 30. Nominations for new officers for the July 1 – December 31 term are now open. Current Vice President of Membership Jerry M and current Treasurer Cynthia P are willing to serve for another term.  The remaining positions are: President, Vice-President of Education, Vice-President of Public Relations, Secretary, Sargeant-at-Arms.

May 11 2017 Meeting

Meeting Highlights

  • Toastmaster: Mark S
  • Theme: “What it is, is what it is”
  • Word of the Day: Discover
  • First Timers: Rene R (Ah-Counter), Christina S (Greeter)
  • Most Improved: Aim G
  • Best Table Topics: Hal S
  • Best Evaluator: Karen W
  • Best Speaker:  Christina S; “I’m a Little Teapot”; Competent Communication #2

Club Business

Monday May 15: Virtual Board meeting on Zoom, 6-7 PM. The meeting is open to all club members. All you need to participate is a computer or phone. Get the Zoom Invitation Link from President Karen W or Vice President of Education Jerry M.

Thursday May 18: Community outreach meeting on Communication Skills for Leaders. The keynote speaker is Alan Hoffmanner. Invite your friends, neighbors and colleagues to this learning opportunity! The full press release is available at



May 4 2017 Meeting

Meeting Highlights

  • Toastmaster: Mark I
  • Theme: “I am”
  • Word of the Day: Ebullient
  • Guest: Gideon S (returning)
  • First Timer: Luke E (speaker)
  • Most Improved: Luke E
  • Best Table Topics: Christina S
  • Best Evaluation: Jerry M
  • Best Speaker: Luke E, “This is Luke”; Competent Communication manual project #1 – The Ice Breaker

Congratulations to new member Luke E for delivering his first speech! The theme for the May 11 meeting is “It is what it is!” Mark S is the scheduled Toastmaster.

Club Business

The next Club Officers meeting is scheduled for Monday May 15 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. All club members may attend. This virtual meeting will be held on the Zoom web conferencing system.  A smartphone or computer with audio is needed to participate. Jerry M will email the Zoom meeting link to club members.

The Thursday May 18 meeting will be a special community outreach meeting on “Communication Skills for Leaders.” Please spread the word to your neighbors, colleagues and others. The full press release is available at

April 27 2017 Meeting

Meeting Highlights

  • Toastmaster: Cynthia P
  • Theme: Rice
  • Word of the Day: Impasse
  • Guest: Iliana C (returning)
  • First Timer: Christina S – Speaker
  • Best Table Topics: Terry H
  • Best Evaluator (tie): Terry H and Tim S
  • Best Speaker: Christina S, “Power of Life”; Competent Communication manual project #1 – The Ice Breaker

Club Business

Jerry M spoke about the May 18 community outreach meeting on “Communications Skills for Leaders.” The keynote speaker will be Alan Hoffmanner from AGILEdge. Read the full press release for our May 18 meeting at: 

March 23 2017 Meeting

Meeting Highlights

The special community outreach meeting was lively and well-attended. Participants ranged from new guests visiting a Toastmasters meeting for the first time to professional speakers (Accredited Speakers Hal Slater and Sheryl Roush) and all levels between!

  • Toastmaster: Jerry M
  • Theme: Toastmasters in the Community
  • Word of the Day: Communal
  • Guests: Ruja N, Luke E, Rene R
  • Table Topics: Ruja N (guest)
  • Most Improved: Julia F
  • Best Evaluator: Max C
  • Best Speaker: Simon V;  Competent Communicator manual project #5 – Your Body Speaks; Title: “Jump!”

Club Business

Semi-annual membership dues

The club must process the remaining membership renewals with Toastmasters International by April 1. That’s no joke! We can’t do it without your dues. Please get your dues in if you haven’t done so already.