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We had a great meeting – This is what you missed

Jerry Marino gave us several interesting and unique things to do in San Diego this weekend to say farewell to Summer at our Aug. 29 meeting. Highlights were the speeches delivered by Rod Hamby (Bad is Good), Angelique Hood (Inside the Dream), and Amy Gilstrap (The Effective Salesperson). Rod Hamby was voted Best Speaker, Diana Bergman – Best Topics, and Hal Slater – Best Evaluator! We had several guests (remember, we need more members!) and it was an interesting way to say farewell to the pseudo end of summer.


News of Note:

Our Humorous and Evaluation Speech Contests are next Thursday, Sept. 5. If you are not participating please attend to help out with functionary duties and provide an exciting audience for the speakers.

We will begin a Speechcraft training for new and prospective members starting Oct. 3. More to come on that.

Semi-annual dues are now due (is that redundant?). They are $63 for club and Toastmasters International, $65 if paid by credit or debit card. You can pay at our meetings or send your dues to 1160 Hunter Stree, San Diego, CA 92103.


Jerry Marino, Voyagers
Voyagers Toastmasters

Let’s fill the room at Café Coyote next week for our contests – “Let the Games Begin” with Mark Imhoff as Contest Chair and Toastmaster and Alan Hoffmanner as Chief Judge.

September 10: “Birthdays”

Word of the Day: Celebrate: : To perform (a sacrament or solemn ceremony) publicly and with appropriate rites.
2 . To honor (as a holiday) especially by solemn ceremonies or by refraining from ordinary business or to mark (as an anniversary) by festivities or other deviation from routine.

Club Business: *If you have a Facebook account then you will soon be receiving an invite to join our Facebook Fan Page from Jack Beresford.

* $54 to renew your Toastmasters International and Voyagers Dues. Please make checks payable to “Voyagers Toastmasters” and give to Ryan Spink no later than Oct. 1st.

* Oct 3rd is the area humourous speech & table topics contest. Oct. 30th is the District 5 contest & Oct. 31st is the District 5 Fall Conference. See one of the board members if you would like to apply for a scholarship to go. It is $75 to attend.

Toastmaster: Toastmaster Trisha Landoni is celebrating a birthday tomorrow (Friday, September 11, 2009) so this was the perfect theme for her to host today.

Table Topics: Hal Slater

T1- How would you celebrate your 100th birthday?

Christine McDannell: A two-week cruise with friends (however many might still be around?). Actually, might not be fun to live that long so she would rather travel as much as possible while she is young.

T2- You use your birthday numbers for lotto & you win millions, what would you do?

Blake Cavignac : So many people win millions, then waste it so he would be sure to invest it properly.

T3- Your most memorable birthday party (or a friends)?

Tony (Guest): His buddies took him to an adult establishment on his 19th birthday, and needless to say it was quite memorable!

T4- What is your astrological sign & what effect has it had on your life?

Yeves Perez: He is a LEO & also a CEO so he is the one to run the board meetings and he likes it that way!

Speaker #1- Akis Charbonneau “I Want You To Know Me”

This was her Icebreaker and she broke the ice by first explaining exactly how to pronounce her name. She grew up in Mazatlan. When she came to San Diego on vacation she was offered a waitressing job and decided to stay here permanently.

Speaker #2- Kelcey Vehanen “In-pretending”

This was also Kelcey’s Icebreaker. He was not just out to break the ice, but shatter it. He explained how he would pretend like he was a fighter pilot or a Stanley Cup winner when he was younger. He also talked about being an IT consulting and his 15 month old son.

Speaker #3: Marco Calderon “TLC”

TLC= Trick, Lie, Cheat. Marco explained how he uses this tactic to avoid shopping with his wife of 17 years. Quite humorous and I noticed few of the male Toastmasters were taking notes.


And the Winner Is…..

Best Table Topics: Blake Cavignac

Most Improved:  Akis Charbonneau

Best Evaluator: Genaro Torres

Best Speaker:  Kelcey Vehanen

First Timer: Dave Sabon/Akis Charbonneau/ Kelcey Vehanen