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Hey All Voyagers,

I am happy to say that the Area 12 & 14 International Speech and Evaluation Contest was a big success! Our very own Michel Scharff placed 2nd in the speech contest with his heartfelt speech of EMMA’S STORY. The crowd was certainly entertained, and were treated to a well polished and professional speech! And in the event that the winner, Jim Tucker, will not be able to compete, Michel will again compete in the Regional Contest, May 8th. Matt Slater, also did a wonderful job competing in the evaluation contest. Your detailed and thorough evaluation was sure a winner. Thank you for the leadership you provide for us. Thank you so much for stepping in for Rob Latimer and representing our club with a fantastic evaluation!

If you missed the contest – please mark your calendar for the next one which will be on May 8th at City College. The competition gets tough, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to see the next step in competition.

Thanking all the participants

Good Morning Voyagers!

I’d like to start off the week congratulating our International Speech and Evaluation Contest Winners! What an exciting contest we had!

Congratulations to Michel Scharrf for winning first place in the Speech Contest . Michel did a fantastic job with his story “Emmas Story”. A wonderful inspiring original story of following your dreams!  

In second place, was Justin Salbato, and third place, Beth Bateman!
And special thanks to Rob Latimer, Christine McDannell for also competing, you did a fantastic job.

The Evaluation contest was won by Rob Latimer, who gave his very thorough and excellent evaluation on Evanthia Basilico’s speech, our guest speaker from Adventurers Club.  
Second place was won by Matt Slater, and third place was Jeffrey Greco.  And special thanks to Mark Imhoff and Tony Dixon, who also competed.

Did you miss the contest?  Not to worry, you can see Michel and Rob both compete at the AREA CONTEST on Saturday, April 24th at Solar Turbines!  Please mark your calendars and come out to support our Voyagers members as they compete against the other clubs in Area 12.  The Area 14 contest will also be held at the same contest – so you get two contests in one!

Putting together a contest is great deal of work, and takes a team effort to make it a success.  I’d like to take this opportunity again to thank the volunteers who helped make our contest the best it has ever been!

Terry Hewins,  Toastmaster
Chief Judge,  Karen Woolsey
Timers, Donna Gillen & Amy Gilstrap
Ballot Counters, Jerry Campana, Happy Aston & Amber Toland Perry
Sgt of Arms/Pledge – Lindsay Langford

And of course All of our Contestants, and our Guest Speaker, Evanthia!

Best Regards to everyone, and I hope to see you all at our next meeting,

Trisha Landoni

September 10: “Birthdays”

Word of the Day: Celebrate: : To perform (a sacrament or solemn ceremony) publicly and with appropriate rites.
2 . To honor (as a holiday) especially by solemn ceremonies or by refraining from ordinary business or to mark (as an anniversary) by festivities or other deviation from routine.

Club Business: *If you have a Facebook account then you will soon be receiving an invite to join our Facebook Fan Page from Jack Beresford.

* $54 to renew your Toastmasters International and Voyagers Dues. Please make checks payable to “Voyagers Toastmasters” and give to Ryan Spink no later than Oct. 1st.

* Oct 3rd is the area humourous speech & table topics contest. Oct. 30th is the District 5 contest & Oct. 31st is the District 5 Fall Conference. See one of the board members if you would like to apply for a scholarship to go. It is $75 to attend.

Toastmaster: Toastmaster Trisha Landoni is celebrating a birthday tomorrow (Friday, September 11, 2009) so this was the perfect theme for her to host today.

Table Topics: Hal Slater

T1- How would you celebrate your 100th birthday?

Christine McDannell: A two-week cruise with friends (however many might still be around?). Actually, might not be fun to live that long so she would rather travel as much as possible while she is young.

T2- You use your birthday numbers for lotto & you win millions, what would you do?

Blake Cavignac : So many people win millions, then waste it so he would be sure to invest it properly.

T3- Your most memorable birthday party (or a friends)?

Tony (Guest): His buddies took him to an adult establishment on his 19th birthday, and needless to say it was quite memorable!

T4- What is your astrological sign & what effect has it had on your life?

Yeves Perez: He is a LEO & also a CEO so he is the one to run the board meetings and he likes it that way!

Speaker #1- Akis Charbonneau “I Want You To Know Me”

This was her Icebreaker and she broke the ice by first explaining exactly how to pronounce her name. She grew up in Mazatlan. When she came to San Diego on vacation she was offered a waitressing job and decided to stay here permanently.

Speaker #2- Kelcey Vehanen “In-pretending”

This was also Kelcey’s Icebreaker. He was not just out to break the ice, but shatter it. He explained how he would pretend like he was a fighter pilot or a Stanley Cup winner when he was younger. He also talked about being an IT consulting and his 15 month old son.

Speaker #3: Marco Calderon “TLC”

TLC= Trick, Lie, Cheat. Marco explained how he uses this tactic to avoid shopping with his wife of 17 years. Quite humorous and I noticed few of the male Toastmasters were taking notes.


And the Winner Is…..

Best Table Topics: Blake Cavignac

Most Improved:  Akis Charbonneau

Best Evaluator: Genaro Torres

Best Speaker:  Kelcey Vehanen

First Timer: Dave Sabon/Akis Charbonneau/ Kelcey Vehanen