Fruits & Vegetables

April 29, 2010
Theme of Day – Fruits & Vegetables

Word of the Day – Ambrosia – in classical mythology, the food of the deities which was supposed to make those who ate it immortal; a substance that tastes or smells delicious; a dessert or salad made from oranges, bananas and coconut

Bonus Word of the Day – Salmagundi – a mixed salad of various ingredients such as meat, poultry, fish & vegetables arranged in rows on a platter; a mixture or miscellany

JC Campana would rather get the 10 cents from his wife than use the word of the day.
Norbert Haupt – guest – ‘I do pastries, not ambrosia’
Ambrosia would be the Guiness & the pizza.
Ron Flores – guest
Miguel Angelo – guest from Mexico – His mother had a strange way of naming her children – and she probably would have named her next two children ambrosia & salmagundi
Rosario Erno – Guest – U of Phoenix student referred by Alan.

TM – Happy Aston
In the garden of life, friends are the flowers.

Speaker #1 – Diana Bergman – Presentation & Q & A. Members of a large community garden – Project #4 – Speaking under Fire from Advanced PR Manual –
‘Community Garden’

Speaker #2 – Justin Salbato – Speech #8 – Get comfortable with visual Aids – ‘Everyone Can Draw’

Speaker #3 – Norbert Haupt – ‘I am a Bookstore Mooch’ – He enjoys giving speeches because he can talk and no one can talk back. Formally from Fallbrook Village Toastmasters of 15 years.

Evaluators – Amber Toland-Perry, Peter Hansen & Christine McDannell
First Timers – Peter Jansen – evaluator & Jeff Greco – ah counter
Best Table topics – Miguel Angelo – guest
Most Improved – Christine McDannell
Best Evaluator – Christine McDannell
Best Speaker – Norbert Haupt – guest

May 8th Southern Division Contest
Jan Lewellyn gives us our golden gavel patch!