January 22, 2015: President’s Report

Last week the theme of the meeting was “Rocks” so this week a softer approach was used and Toastmaster Donna G chose the theme “Pillows”. We discovered the history of pillows, the perfect number of pillows to have on your bed (turns out the number is 3), pillow fights, monkey pillows, and “The Proper Pillow” ( the website is http://properpillow.com/ ). It turns out that when the going gets tough, the tough get pillows.

Stack of 2 pillows
“Pillow Stack” Creative Commons image by Dana at Flickr.com

The speeches were very advanced since they both came from advanced manuals. Mike R spoke on “Auto Dealers versus Auto Brokers” from the Persuasive Speaking manual. Mike, although we learned a lot from your speech, I think you still owe the club a dollar for promoting your business. Diana B gave speech number 4 from the Humorous Speaking manual entitled “On Being a Grown Up”. Diana shared Woody Allen’s wisdom in the quote “80% of success is just showing up” as well as informing us that we need a “confident boss butt”. (Great! Since I’m president and supposed to be boss this means I’m going to have to work on keeping my butt confident).

Best Table Topics: Terry H
Best Evaluator: Cynthia P
Most Improved: Diana B
Best Speaker: Mike R

Welcome back visiting Voyager, Susan M. Please join us again. And a special shout out to Jerry and Beth for being drive-by Toastmasters and going out of their way to drop off items for the meeting. You were busy that morning so we appreciate the extra effort you made.