July 25th Meeting – Summer in San Diego

Beth Bateman was the Toastmaster and she took us on a fun voyage through 27 of her top activities to do in San Diego in the Summer. We had a rollicking Table Topics session in which our guest Emilia took home the ribbon for her contribution about lying on the hot sand on the beach.

We had three wonderful speakers – Leslie Leonardo doing her ice breaker speech (CONGRATULATIONS!!!!), Angelique Hood telling us about her trip to New York, and Justin Salbato reading and acting out a funny folk tale. Leslie took home the ribbon for best speaker!

Terry Hewins was General Evaluator and as usual, he had to do it with a twist. We had five evaluators reviewing three speeches. Mark Shapiro’s evaluation of Ms. Hood’s speech got the nod for best evaluation of the day.

Join us next week as Toastmaster Justin Salbato leads us on a Blast from the Past.

Beth Bateman, Toastmaster
Beth Bateman, Toastmaster