May 7, 2015: President’s Report

Archy (minus Veronica and Betty)

Jan C led us with the theme of “Procrastination”.  Unfortunately, we seemed to be very experienced with this topic and everyone could relate to the theme.  John S was prepared (as much as you can be for a procrastination meeting) as General Evaluator.  As expected, none of us were ready for the table topics from our TopicMaster,  Felicia D.


Joji P gave us speech number 7, Research Your Topic, as he presented an oxymoron when he discussed preparing raw fish in his speech “Kaiten Sushi”.  Chandler M then took the floor with speech number 9, Persuade with Power, with her speech “Ignore Marco Rubio, Remove the Cuba Embargo”.


  • Best Table Topic: Manshu A
  • Most Improved: Joji P
  • Best Evaluator: Jane F
  • Best Speaker: Chandler M
Be here on May 14 when Mark I directs us with the theme “Oh What a Tangled Web we Weave”.