Oct. 1 Meeting Report

Toastmaster: Toastmaster Cass Lobsinger has been camping a million times and gave us a couple interesting statistics about camping. Did you know that 37 is the average age of adults who go camping? Second, campers have an average income of $43K a year.

Table Topics: Rod Hamby

T1- Have you ever found yourself needing to use a compass?

Genaro Torres: Went with a friend up a large mountain in Mexico only to find themselves lost. After being chased by different animals they decided to use a compass to get back home.

T2- Have you had to improvise ever by using something like a Swiss-Army knife?

DeAnne Snyder : Yes, every time Comi-Con is in town at the Convention Center. She also let us know that the Swiss-Army knife was invented by a women.

T3- A few items were found in a back-pack by the police in your trunk, including a large body bag, knife, a shovel, and rope. How do you explain yourself?

Alan Hoffmanner: He admits that he had borrowed Rod Hamby’s 1968 VW Bug, it had no plates, so he got pulled over. They found Rod’s back-pack in the trunk.

T4- Somewhere you have been camping or would love to go camping to?

Melissa (Guest): Loves camping, wether in a tent, car, or RV. They were once lost in the middle of nowhere for an entire day but had enough beer to get through the day, so everything was ok.
Speaker #1- Dave Sabon: “Closing More Sales by Going for No”

People buy on an emotional level, but justify it intellectually. Don’t ask: “Is this a good time to talk?” but instead, “Did I catch you at a bad time?” This is called a pattern interrupt and it actually shows them that your different than the last sales person who called.

Speaker #2- Happy Aston “First They Killed My Father”

Happy recited a chapter from this book she purchased in Cambodia, which is a National Best Seller. The chapter was “Pa” and she did a very amazing job portraying the character. Very touching and there was not a dry eye in the room.

Speaker #3: Jaime Ortiz “Don’t Wait for Tomorrow, Make it Happen Today.”

Jaime told us a few stories of people who have faced adversity. One was Carlos, a Navy Seal, who in 1989 lost use of both of his legs in battle. He later was the 3-time champion of the Hawaiian Iron Man. Jaime had fellow Toastmasters write down one thing they have always wanted to accomplish on a piece of paper. Anything is possible.

And the Winner Is…..

Best Table Topics: Alan Hoffmanner

Most Improved:  Dave Sabon

Best Evaluator:  Amy Gilstrap

Best Speaker:  Happy Aston

First Timer:  Akis Charbonneau