October 2 2014: Vice President of Education’s Report

The theme for October 2, Week 2 of SpeechCraft set by our Toastmaster Trisha Landoni was “Safari: Part 2 – The Honey Badger” (see the link for more information https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4r7wHMg5Yjg ).
Picture of honey badger
The theme for SpeechCraft week 1 was “Safari: Part 1 – The Termite” Week 3 of SpeechCraft is coming up and the theme is “Safari: Part 3 – Have Whey There”.  (I may have gotten that wrong.  It could be “Half Way They’re”.)

The awards from October 2 SpeechCraft Week 2:

Best Table Topics – Manshu Agarwal and his 70’s suit
Best Evaluator – Terry Hewins
Most Improved – Jessica Walton
Best Speaker – Lynn Parker

Jane Flaherty delivered a highly informative speech on how to evaluate a speech. Her presentation and handout are available at the Voyagers Toastmasters website as a downloadable supplementary resource.

See you there this Thursday!