Sept 26 Meeting – what happened

Jerry Marino says –

Three super speeches (if I do say so myself) at our Thursday meeting this week: Mark Epstein told us what it’s like to be an area governor; Jan Campagna gave us more than we want to know (according to her) about safe driving programs; and our VPE Jerry Marino gave us a trip through the upcoming SpeechCraft program starting next week, Oct. 3.


As you know our SpeechCraft chair is Trisha Landoni.

Trisha Landoni  - Speechcraft Coordinator
Trisha Landoni – Speechcraft Coordinator

We need more speechcrafters. Tell your friends.

SpeechCraft cost is $36 and that includes a manual, materials, and the weekly meeting fee. And a special discount on membership if SpeechCrafters join the club during the program. And on Oct. 17 we have professional speaker, Accredited Speaker, and author of “The Heart of a Toastmaster” Sheryl Roush presenting at our club. You really don’t want to miss that talk. Sheryl started like everyone else as a Voyager new member and look at all she has achieved in her speaking and publishing world. What a deal!


Semi-annual dues are now due (is that redundant?). They are $63 for club and Toastmasters International, $65 if paid by credit or debit card. They need to be in by Oct 1 so if you haven’t paid yet you are late. You can pay at next meeting or send your dues to 1160 Hunter Street, San Diego, CA 92103. It’s important we renew on time to achieve that objective for our club leadership program. We were a President’s Distinguished Club last year, achieving all 10 goals, and we wouldn’t want to miss an objective because we were late on dues.


I’ve tried to accommodate everyone’s schedule that has informed me of their availability and desire to speak. If you have a request let me know. For the next few weeks we’ll be concentrating on educational talks and SpeechCrafters, but that includes new members participating in SpeechCraft. Here are assignments for the upcoming weeks. We will fill in SpeechCrafter names as we schedule those meetings. See you Thursday…and bring a guest!