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April 20 2017 Meeting

Meeting Highlights

  • Toastmaster: John W
  • Theme: Through the Looking Glass
  • Word of the Day: Characterization
  • Guests: Joseph H, Iliana C
  • First Timers: Rene R
  • Most Improved: Luke E
  • Best Table Topics: Joseph H (guest)
  • Best Evaluation: Nancy J
  • Best Speaker: Justin S, “Small Talk”

Club Business

A special community outreach meeting has been scheduled for May 18. The theme will be “Communication for Emerging Leaders.” Please reserve the date and tell your colleagues!

Some members remain challenged by easy-Speak. To address this issue, a clipboard with the schedule for the next few weeks will be passed around during the meeting. Voyagers can see what roles they are scheduled for, and may volunteer for speeches.

April 13 2017 Meeting

Meeting Highlights

  • Toastmaster: Hal S
  • Theme: Types of Alternative Energy
  • Word of the Day: Effervescent
  • Guests:
    • Lori S (visiting Toastmaster)
    • Gideon S (returning guest)
  • First Timers:
    • Christina S (Jester)
    • Luke E (Ah Counter)
    • Rene R (Ice Breaker)
    • Gideon S (Grammarian)
  • Most Improved: Lynn P
  • Best Table Topics: Luke E
  • Best Evaluator: Lynn P
  • Best Speaker: Rene R; Competent Communicator manual project #1 – Ice Breaker

Club Business

The transition to easy-Speak scheduling software has not been quite so easy. It is, however, necessary since developer support for the prior scheduling software ended. Please be sure to log into easy-Speak.org every week to confirm your meeting participation, and to sign up for future speeches and roles.

March 16 2017 Meeting Synopsis

Club Business

Community Outreach meeting publicity

The press release for the special March 23 community outreach meeting was featured on San Diego Patch and Mission Hills News. The theme of the March 23 meeting is Toastmasters in the Community. Jerry M brought more flyers for Voyagers to post on community bulletin boards.

Semi-annual membership dues

Our goal is to submit all club membership renewal dues to Toastmasters International before the April 1 deadline. We are 68% of the way there!

Meeting Highlights

  • Toastmaster: Donna G
  • Theme: St. Patrick’s Day
  • Word of the Day: Convivial
  • Guests: Susan S, Gideon S (returning visitor)
  • Table Topics: Terry H
  • First Timer: Gideon S (evaluator)
  • Most Improved: Gideon S
  • Best Evaluator: Tim S
  • Best Speaker: John W, Competent Communicator Project #8  – Get Comfortable with Visual Aids; Title: “Easy-Speak – Our new best friend.”

Note: John W gave his PowerPoint presentation without a projector.  This was a challenging feat!

February 23 2017 Meeting Synopsis

Club Business

Our second meeting at our new venue started with the formal induction of 2 of our newest Voyagers, Maria F and Simon V.  Welcome aboard, Maria and Simon!

Voyagers has also transitioned over to the new easy-Speak Toastmaster Automation software since our old software broke and is no longer supported. easy-Speak is used to set meeting roles, make meeting agendas and email other club members . Voyagers must log into the easy-Speak website to confirm their roles for each meeting; otherwise a question mark will appear next to their name in the agenda. One feature of easy-Speak is that speakers must schedule their own speeches; they are not randomly assigned like other meeting roles. Please contact Vice President of Education, John W for more information about getting started with easy-Speak.

Save the Date! Voyagers will hold a special membership drive meeting on Thursday March 23. There will be ads for this meeting in the local media as well as flyers printed. Please let people know about this event, and bring your friends! If you can post flyers in locations that allow community event flyers, like cafes, stores, libraries, community centers, laundromats, etc. please contact  Vice President of Membership, Jerry M.  Generally it is easier to get permission to post flyers for 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organizations such as Voyagers Toastmasters, which teaches public speaking and leadership skills.

Meeting Highlights

  • Toastmaster: Julia F
  • Theme: Keep Calm and Carry On
  • Word of the Day: Slogan
  • Guest: Gideon S (returning guest)
  • First Timer: Maria F – Ah Counter
  • Table Topics: Gideon S (guest)
  • Most Improved: Mark I
  • Best Evaluator: Hal S
  • Best Speaker: Annie J; Manual: Competent Communicator; Project #9 – Persuade with Power; Title: “Running for Joy”