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April 24 – April Flowers Meeting

What happened during our last meeting? What did you miss?

April24_Teresa_JohnWToastmaster Teresa Kuffel gave us a fragrant “April Flowers” meeting and General Evaluator and Chief Gardener John Wissenberg led a comprehensive feedback session of an informative and enjoyable Voyagers Toastmaster meeting.


Awards went to:

Linda Teichman – Best Topics

Chandler Martin and Carmen Hu – Most Improved

Amy Gilstrap – Best Evaluator

Nancy Jensen – Best Speaker



Mark Imhoff gave an informative speech on coaching (with role playing included) from the Interpersonal Communications Advanced C&L Manual. And Nancy Jensen told us how to live in Maine for five months and San Diego for the remainder of the year…as she says, “The best of both worlds”.

Next week is Beatlemania! with Chandler Martin as Toastmaster.

See you there…Thursday, 7 AM, Café Coyote Restaurant in Old Town, 2461 San Diego Ave. 

Jerry Marino’s Wrapper

What a great meeting on Thursday. As promised, professional speaker and Voyager member Sheryl Roush gave a great speech and showed us The Heart of a Toastmaster…especially a Voyager Toastmaster. Sheryl recounted her start-to-finish story of how she delivered her first speech in tears to her current success as a professional speaker, author, and mentor. Since that first terrifying Ice Breaker Sheryl has delivered over 3,000 speeches in ten different countries and become a published author in the process. The message of Sheryl’s speech was to participate actively in Toastmasters because as our dear Helen Blanchard said “If you get everything out of Toastmasters that you can, you’ll never get out of Toastmasters”.

And what great performances from our speechcrafters. Accomplished icebreakers from Carmen Yu and Alaina Lockwood and excellent evaluation by Sarah Deems. In addition Mary Porter graced us with her presence and don’t you know she won Table Topics. What a motivating and inspiring meeting all around.






Speechcraft included the presence of many veteran (“old”) Toastmasters including Mary Porter, Jerry Marino and Terry Hewins – part of the team that originally created Voyagers and have guided it it through its ups and downs. Joining them are Sheryl Roush, Jim Tucker and Teresa Kuffel






There are still a few who haven’t paid their dues and renewed their TM membership. Please take care of that now. They are $63 for club and Toastmasters International, $65 if paid by credit or debit card. You can pay at next meeting or send your dues to 1160 Hunter Street, San Diego, CA 92103.

Welcome new member Sarah Deems!

We have our final Speechcraft session this coming week. Mike Ruthenberg is giving an educational presentation on “Your Body Speaks – Presentation Gestures and Movement” and more icebreakers and evaluations by speechcrafters!

See you Thursday for speechcraft “graduation”.

September 19 Meeting – One of the best ever!

John Wissenberg AKA Teresa Kuffel
John Wissenberg AKA Teresa Kuffel

You missed a wild and crazy meeting. Suzi O’Brien was the Toastmaster and she gave us her interpretation of Carpe Diem. We had formal speeches by our guest, and by the marks – Mark Shapiro and Mark Imhoff. The highlight of the meeting was Teresa Kuffel doing Table topics. Well Teresa couldn’t make it so returning member John Wissenberg steppe din and gave us his rendition of Teresa doing Table Topics. The scary part was how comfortable he looked in those high heels!