February 12, 2015: President’s Report


This week featured special guest-star Toastmaster Kara D  with a theme of “Shine”! And shine is what we did, with Word-of-the-Day “Selfie”, a previous Word-of-the-Year winner from the Oxford English Dictionary.

John S glowed as Topicsmaster as he asked members to share their experiences with immunizations, rainfall, pictures you wish you hadn’t taken, stand-up paddle boards (adroitly avoided by Mark Imhoff), and Santa Ana winds.

For prepared speeches John W (me) started off with a contest for using Social Media to promote Toastmasters. After a long hiatus, returning Toastmaster Casey DeLorme transformed from man-about-town into a married father as he delivered a professional speech he is preparing. This was followed up by Alan H  with “Managing Your Paradoxes”. (Alan, I still say that even one of your slides would make a full advanced manual speech. You just have too much interesting information for one speech.)

Best Table Topics: Dorinda M (guest and returning Toastmaster)
Best Evaluator: Lynn P
Most Improved: Megan S
Best Speaker: Casey DeLorme (also a returning Toastmaster)