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Voyagers are doing Gardening -Maybe we will talk to our vegetables

Learn to talk about your Garden with Voyagers Toastmasters

What are you planning on doing July 27? Do you want to have fun, meet some cool people, and improve your communication skills?

Come check out Voyagers Toastmasterss.

Thomas will be our Toastmaster and his theme is Gardening!

(maybe Mark will bring some more fresh tomatoes to give away at the meeting???)

Do you want to improve your communication and business skills? Master in person, leadership and online communications? Better presentations and public speaking skills?
Learn how to run a meeting?
Thursdays at 7am at Lestats on Adams Avenue in Normal Heights. And on zoom!
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How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking
Come join us – on zoom and at Lestats Coffeehouse on Adams Avenue in San Diego. Thursdays at 7am PT until 8:30am PT.

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How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

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How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking  The fear of speaking in public is real – but you can overcome it to be an effective and powerful speaker.
How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking
The fear of speaking in public is real – but you can overcome it to be an effective and powerful speaker.

We completed the first week of Voyagers Speechcraft – if you missed out and want to experience Jerry’s speech, it is online here at YouTube

How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

The fear of speaking in public is real – but you can overcome it to be an effective and powerful speaker.

What are the benefits of becoming a better speaker?

• You are perceived as competent, effective, successful.
o The ability to clearly express thoughts often determines how successful and happy people are in their lives.
o You will never reach your full potential unless you can effectively communicate with others (Warren Buffett)
• When you overcome a fear like speaking in public, you grow in self confidence and self-esteem.
o Your self-confidence flows into and enhances every aspect of your life.
• You can learn to be a better speaker.
o It’s a skill like swimming, riding a bike or playing the piano.
o Growing that skill simply requires a commitment to self-improvement through guided by instruction, practice, and feedback.

• Becoming a better speaker literally transforms you and your life outside of Toastmasters.
There are two components to becoming a better speaker –
What you need to know and what you need to do.
What you need to know
• Speaking will not kill you.
o I have never seen anyone die at a Voyagers meeting!
• Others have done it before and will do it after you.
o Some members could not even say their name in front of the group at their first meeting. Yet they became successful speakers.
• It’s safe here.
o Voyagers Toastmasters is a safe, secure, and nurturing environment.
o We like you and we want to see you succeed.
• You can do this!
o Speaking is a teachable, learnable, skill. This is something you can do
• There is help.
o Voyagers is a mutually supportive atmosphere.
o You receive a coach/mentor to help you.
o All Voyagers are committed to your success.
• This is a place to practice, learn, and grow.
• We will help you with honest and caring feedback.
What you need to do
 PREPARE – -there is no substitute for preparation.
 As Hal Slater says, “Preparation liberates consciousness”.
 “A speech well prepared is 90% delivered”, Dale Carnegie.
 Preparation allows spontaneity.
 Start by talking about something you know – yourself in your Icebreaker speech.
 Move on to something you’re passionate about.
 Tell us about your life and your experiences, what you’ve done and what you’ve learned.
 Focus on your audience, not yourself or your fears.
 Think about the value of your speech to your audience.
 Desire to serve, inform, motivate, inspire, or entertain –your speech is the medium
 Breathe – deeply, from your belly, and regularly.
 Visualize
 The importance of the speech for your audience
 The value you are going to deliver.
 Remember, the audience likes you.
 Imagine
 Talking to a friend about something you know. Can you do that?
 Discussing your favorite book, your favorite movie, a sports team. Can you do that?
 As many gather around, imagine standing up and addressing the group as you continue – Can you do that?
 Know cold your introduction and closing by heart.
• You jump start your speech without thinking.
• You can end anytime you need to!
 Get a quick laugh or elicit an emotion from your audience.
• Laughter takes the tension out of your body.
• Emotions connect you to the audience.
 Find a friendly face and speak to them!
 Use notes if you need them but try not to memorize the entire speech.
 Prepare, practice, deliver, and receive feedback.

Outside of the Box: Transferable Skills – From Toastmaster to Lifetime Abilities

Toastmaster skills, public speaking, leadership skills
Toastmaster skills, public speaking, leadership skills

Voyagers Toastmasters

Published by Mark Shapiro  ·   · 
“Outside of the Box: Transferable Skills – From Toastmaster to Lifetime Abilities” by Jerry Marino
Check out this great, informative video –
Jerry Marino is a Distinguished Toastmaster, a DTM. He has been a Toastmaster since 1980, our past club president, and past Area 12 Director, along with other leaderships positions in and out of Toastmasters.
Jerry has applied his education and training to his toastmaster experience and always emphasized how the transferable skills gained at toastmasters benefits us throughout our lifetime.
He is speaking today about some of the specific transferable skills gained at toastmasters and how those skills can help startups gain traction and grow.
Please welcome Jerry Marino with the speech “Outside of the Box: Transferable Skills – From Toastmaster to Lifetime Abilities
Public speaking, communication skills, leadership training, Toastmasters, San Diego Toastmasters Club

Improve your public speaking, make new friends and business connections!

Welcome to Voyagers Toastmasters
Join Toastmasters – Improve your communication skills, make new freinds, and have fun

Become an excellent communicator and make new friends and business connections! Improve your public speaking skills
Check out Toastmasters! It is fun and educational.

You are invited to Join Voyagers Toastmasters! All ages, backgrounds and levels of experience.

In Person in Normal Heights and ONLINE this Thursday, April 6 2023 from 7-8:30 AM Pacific Time

Would you like to attend our meeting this week? 😊

Contact Mark at to get the zoom logon info

Please note that beginning with the April 6 meeting, we will be moving to a new venue in Normal Heights and all of our meetings will be hybrid: that is both in-person and on Zoom. Our new location will be as follows:
Lestat’s Coffee Shop
3343 Adams Avenue
San Diego, CA 92116

Voyagers Toastmasters Club #5315, established in Old Town in 1983, is a dynamic Toastmasters International Club with a long tradition of excellence, professionalism and enthusiasm. Our friendly members range from accomplished highly experienced Toastmasters to shy new Toastmasters. Meetings are regularly attended by 18+ members, even if not all have RSVP’d on Meetup. Attire ranges from casual to business.
Guests are always welcome to attend and participate free of charge.
Please let us know you’ll be joining us for a Zoom Meeting

October 27 2016 Meeting Synopsis

Speechcraft Week 5

To celebrate the final meeting of the Speechcraft program, our very own Sheryl Roush inspired us all with her speech on how to become a professional speaker! Congratulations to all our Speechcrafters for all the progress they have achieved in a short period of time. Special thanks to Mark I and Jerry M for organizing our Speechcraft program.

Theme: Graduation
Toastmaster: Mark I
Word of the day: Persevere
Guests: David W, Simon V, Karen Kaufman (Area 12 Director), Scott
First Timer: Agosta M (SpeechCrafter) – Speaker
Most Improved: Agosta M (SpeechCrafter) – Speaker
Table Topics: David Winkleman (Guest – on his book “Embracing Change from the Inside”)
Best Evaluation: Max C
Best Speaker: Sheryl Roush – “How to Go Pro”