January 26 1017 Meeting Synopsis

Meeting Highlights

The Baja Room was still being renovated, so the club met upstairs again.

  • Theme: Google It!
  • Toastmaster: Jerry M
  • Word of the Day: Confabulate
  • Guest: Brent D (invited by Sheryl Roush)
  • Most Improved: Tim S
  • Best Topics: John W
  • Best Evaluator: Julia F
  • Best Speaker: Maria F; Competent Communicator Manual Project #8; “Tamale Boss”

Club Business

Club members were invited to join in a tour of a prospective venue after the meeting. Next week’s meeting will still be at Cafe Coyote, possibly in the Baja Room if renovations are complete. Otherwise, the meeting will be upstairs again. The theme will be “Essential Oils.”

January 19 2017 Meeting Synopsis

Meeting Highlights

The usual meeting room is being renovated, so the club met upstairs again. Rain made it challenging for some to get to the meeting, but the extra time was spent discussing potential new venues.

  • Theme: Nicknames
  • Toastmaster: Jan C
  • Word of the Day: Conterminous
  • Most Improved: Angelique H
  • Table Topics: Tim S
  • Best Evaluator: Tim S
  • Best Speaker: Nancy J, Competent Communicator manual project #7 – “Feet”


January 12 2017 Meeting Synopsis

Meeting Highlights

The meeting was relocated upstairs due to renovation of the usual room. Everyone found the new venue, thanks to the help of posted signs and human guides.

  • Theme: I have a Dream
  • Toastmaster: Donna G
  • Word of the Day: gelid
  • Guests: Jane D (visiting Voyager), Chris T (visiting Toastmaster)
  • Most Improved: Julia F
  • Table Topics: Maria F
  • Best Evaluator: John W
  • Best Speaker: Julia F, Competent Communicator manual project #7 – “Words”

Note: Congratulations to Jane D! She received her Advanced Communicator Bronze award.

Club Business

After last week’s meeting, the club learned that the room rental fee will increase significantly in February. Members with venue ideas available within the club’s meeting time and budget, please get in touch with our club officers.

January 5 2017 Meeting Synopsis

Meeting Highlights

The meeting theme of “Beginnings and Endings” was appropriate for the first Voyagers Toastmaster meeting of the year!

  • Theme: Beginnings and Endings
  • Toastmaster: Nancy J
  • Word of the Day: Tyro
  • Guests: James I, Fiona S
  • Most Improved: Annie J
  • Table Topics: Cynthia K
  • Best Evaluator: Annie J
  • Best Speaker: Justin S

Club Business

The first meeting of the new year kicked off with the installation of officers.

President: Karen W
Vice President of Education: John W
Vice President of Membership: Jerry M
Vice President of Public Relations: Max C
Secretary: Julia F
Treasurer: Cynthia P
Sargeant-at-Arms: Terry H

Voyagers Toastmasters thanks our outgoing officers for their service!

December 22 2016 Meeting Synopsis

Meeting Highlights

The final meeting of the year was tickled by a raffle for a tickler file donated by Cynthia P at the end of the meeting. The raffle was won by Angelique H.

  • Theme: Say Ho-Ho-Ho!
  • Toastmaster: Terry H
  • Word of the day: Jolly
  • Guests: Melinda M (returning)
  • Most Improved: Cynthia P
  • Table Topics: (tie) Melinda M (guest), Lynn P
  • Best Evaluator: Jerry M
  • Best Speaker: (tie) Cynthia P, Mark S