April 24 – April Flowers Meeting

What happened during our last meeting? What did you miss?

April24_Teresa_JohnWToastmaster Teresa Kuffel gave us a fragrant “April Flowers” meeting and General Evaluator and Chief Gardener John Wissenberg led a comprehensive feedback session of an informative and enjoyable Voyagers Toastmaster meeting.


Awards went to:

Linda Teichman – Best Topics

Chandler Martin and Carmen Hu – Most Improved

Amy Gilstrap – Best Evaluator

Nancy Jensen – Best Speaker



Mark Imhoff gave an informative speech on coaching (with role playing included) from the Interpersonal Communications Advanced C&L Manual. And Nancy Jensen told us how to live in Maine for five months and San Diego for the remainder of the year…as she says, “The best of both worlds”.

Next week is Beatlemania! with Chandler Martin as Toastmaster.

See you there…Thursday, 7 AM, Café Coyote Restaurant in Old Town, 2461 San Diego Ave. 

April 17 Meeting – What did you miss? The Presidents Report

Toastmaster Beth Bateman provide an engrossing background and history of Earth Day as well as how we can be involved in continuing to legacy and good work that Earth Day has spawned.  Three speeches covered a range of speaking formats: Chandler Martin delivered a meeting introduction for an upcoming international border conference that she will host, John Shannon gave his Icebreaker and Jerry Marino told a Jewish fairytale that dates back to the 6th century in Afghanistan. New member Joji Peters provided challenging Table Topics and throughout the meeting there was high energy and enthusiastic response to all speakers and evaluators.

Today’s winners were: Jerry Marino – Best Speaker

Jerry Marino, Voyagers
Voyagers Toastmasters









Manshu Agarwal – Best Topics

John Wissenberg – Best Evaluator

Carmen Hu – Most Improved

Meeting Report – Thursday April 10

Message from our President, Jerry Marino:

Today’s Voyagers meeting was a fascinating look at what can happen in 100 Days, led by Terry Hewins, DTM and former San Diego Toastmaster District 5 Governor. 100 days into the new year and Voyagers has several new members and members achieving new educational goals. As we look toward the end of our Toastmaster year in June, Voyagers is inching closer to achieving all ten goals of the Distinguished Club Plan. Be sure to experience  the excitement of a Voyagers Toastmasters meeting Thursday morning, 7 AM at Café Coyote in Old Town.

Today, we added a new member – Jessica Mercado. Welcome aboard!


Jessica Mercado joins Voyagers Toastmasters
Jessica Mercado joins Voyagers Toastmasters