June 16 2016 Meeting Synopsis

  • Theme: Ode to Summer
  • Toastmaster: Linda T
  • Word of Day: Ebullient
  • Best Table Topics: Alan Hoffmanner
  • Most Improved: Linda T
  • Best Evaluator: Terry H
  • Best Speaker: Jerry Marino; “Competent Communicator Speeches – Your Foundation for Successful Communication”

Club business: Club picnic Saturday July 23; Incoming and outgoing club officers meeting Monday July 20; Reduced fee ($5) for District 5 Toastmasters Leadership Institute Saturday July 9 at San Diego County Office of Education

June 9 2016 Meeting Synopsis

  • Theme: Vice Presidents
  • Toastmaster: Mark E
  • Word of Day: Coincident
  • Guests: Carl K (visiting Toastmaster), Jessica I (returning visiting Toastmaster)
  • First timer: Carl K
  • Best Table Topics: (tie) Julia F, Jessica I (guest)
  • Most Improved: (tie) Angelique H, Linda T
  • Best Evaluator: Linda T
  • Best Speaker: Amy G, “Receiving an Award – Volunteer of the Year”, Special Occasions Speeches Project #5

Club business:  Club picnic Sunday July 23; election of club officers for July 2016 –  January 2017

  • Incoming President: Donna G
  • Incoming VP Education: Linda T
  • Incoming VP Membership: Mark I
  • Incoming VP Public Relations: Tim S
  • Incoming Treasurer: Karen W
  • Incoming Sargent-at-Arms: Cynthia K

June 2 2016 Meeting Synopsis

  • Theme: Introvert
  • Toastmaster: Karen W
  • Word of Day: Spontaneous
  • Guests: Jessica I (returning visiting Toastmaster)
  • First timer: Annie J (General Evaluator), Cynthia K (Ah Counter)
  • Best Table Topics: Jerry M
  • Most Improved: Linda T, Donna G (tie)
  • Best Evaluator: Tim S
  • Best Speaker: Terry H, “Let’s Talk”, Storytelling Manual Project #2

Club business: Club officer elections June 16; Club picnic July 23


May 26 2016 Meeting Synopsis

  • Theme: In Memoriam
  • Toastmaster: Jerry M
  • Word of Day: Obliterate
  • Guest: Jessica I (returning visiting Toastmaster)
  • First Timer: Cynthia K (Jester)
  • Most Improved: Tim S
  • Best Table Topics: Karen W
  • Best Evaluator: Lynn P
  • Best Speaker: Julia F, “North County Lifeline”, Competent Communication Project #2

Interesting fact: Dusty Rhodes Park in Ocean Beach is named after an early Voyagers Toastmaster who donated the land.

May 19 2016 Meeting Synopsis

  • Theme: Expanding your comfort zone
  • Toastmaster: Justin S
  • Word of Day: Obdurate
  • Guests: Jessica I (returning visiting Toastmaster), JC
  • First timer: JC (guest)
  • Best Table Topics: JC (guest)
  • Most Improved: Cynthia K, “If I can do this, I can do that” (Icebreaker speech)
  • Best Evaluator: Jane F
  • Best Speaker: Mark E, “Why I keep speaking” (Advanced Communicator Silver speech)
  • Stickit: John W
  • Huggy: Jessica I (guest)