April 28 2016 Meeting Synopsis

  • Theme: Reunions
  • Toastmaster: Donna G
  • Word of Day: Blindside
  • Guests: Daniel S. (visiting Toastmaster), Elizabeth S. (returning guest)
  • New member: Cynthia K
  • First timer: Tim S (Topic Master)
  • Best Table Topics: Elizabeth S.
  • Most Improved: Amy G
  • Best Evaluator: John W
  • Best Speaker: Terry H, “Union of Pirates”

Visiting Toastmaster Daniel Steenerson presented his winning District 5 Central Division International Speech, “Rock Star.” Daniel will be competing in the International Speech Contest during the Spring Conference on April 30 2016. Good luck Daniel!

April 21 2016 Meeting Synopsis

  • Theme: Elvis Presley Live
  • Toastmaster: Terry H
  • Word of Day: Nostalgic
  • Guests: Cynthia K (returning guest & visiting Toastmaster), Jill B (visiting Toastmaster), Laurie S (visiting Toastmaster), Augusta (returning guest), Mona (visiting ESL student), Jaimide (visiting ESL student)
  • Best Table Topics: Laurie S (guest)
  • Most Improved: Annie J
  • Best Evaluator: Annie J
  • Best Speaker: Nancy J, “This could be you: A roadmap to aging”

Nancy J brought two of her English as a Second Language (ESL) students to our meeting. What better way to learn to speak and listen than through Toastmasters? Nancy will be leaving for Maine in May, but will return again in the fall. We will miss her!

Visiting Toastmaster Jill Badonsky presented her winning District 5 Southern Division Humorous Speech, “There Ain’t No Ballerinas in Hip Hop.” Jill will represent our Southern Division in the District 5 Humorous Speech Contest during the Spring Conference on April 30 2016. Good luck Jill!

April 14 2016 Meeting Synopsis

  • Theme: Video Testimonial
  • Toastmaster: Justin S
  • Word of Day: Vibrant
  • Guests: Cynthia K. (returning guest & visiting Toastmaster), Elizabeth S. (returning guest)

Instead of the standard Toastmasters meeting format, this week our Toastmaster introduced the club to equipment for filming video testimonials; had attendees pair up in a warm-up exercise to compose and practice mock video testimonial interview questions; then called upon the following members to give testimonials:

  • Terry H
  • Jane F
  • Tim S
  • Donna G
  • Cynthia P
  • Nancy J

Next week’s schedule includes visiting Toastmaster Jill Badonsky, winner of the Southern Division Humorous Speech Competition. Her speech will be in preparation for the District 5 Humorous Speech Competition on April 30.

April 7 2016 Meeting Synopsis

An unexpected last minute change of venue due to maintenance from our usual Café Coyote Grande Cabo Room location to the Café Coyote Cantina. Yes, Voyagers Toastmasters hit the bar first thing this drizzly morning!

Photograph of Voyagers Toastmasters meeting at the Cafe Coyote Cantina

  • Theme: Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Toastmaster: Lynn P
  • Word of Day: Odorous
  • Guests: Cynthia K. (visiting Toastmaster), Julie M. (visiting Toastmaster)
  • Best Table Topics: Julie M. (Guest)
  • Best Evaluator: Donna G
  • Best Speaker: Jane F, “Time to Say Goodbye” (completed speech requirement toward Advanced Communicator Gold)

March 31 2016 Meeting Synopsis

  • Theme: April Fool’s Day – Time to Plan
  • Toastmaster: Hal S
  • Word of Day: Chicanery
  • Guest: Eric I. (returning guest on Spring Break)
  • First Timers: Julia F(Grammarian), Eric I. (co-Timer)
  • Most Improved: Cynthia P
  • Best Table Topics: Donna G
  • Best Evaluation: Karen W
  • Best Speaker: Annie J, “The Art of Storytelling”