July 2 2015 Meeting Synopsis

  • Theme: Improvise and Compromise
  • Toastmaster: John W
  • Word of Day: Tenacity
  • Guests: Elizabeth, Gideon
  • First timers: Gideon (Jester), Julia S (Timer)
  • Best topics: Karen W
  • Best evaluator: Jan C
  • Best speaker: Jane F

In addition, the new Area Director (formerly called Area Governor) our own Nilo O, thanked our outgoing officers and installed our new incoming officers.

Incoming Officers:

  • President: Jane F
  • Vice President of Education: Justin S
  • Vice President of Membership: Julia S
  • Vice President of Public Relations: Lynn P
  • Secretary: Beth B
  • Treasurer: Karen W
  • Sargeant-at-Arms: John W