Oct. 24 Meeting Report

Highlights from Last Week

Genaro Torres as Toastmaster really got the group motivated. Christine McDannell taught the group about the business ideas of Sam Walton. Voyagers had its very own cooking show. With “Cooking With Trisha Landoni” everyone learned how to cook a good breakfast on the cheap. Everyone was moved when Robb Latimer did a “Tribute To My Mother”. Have YOU experience unconditional love? Great Job Everyone.

Best Table Topics: Jan Campana

Most Improved: Trisha Landoni

Best Evaluation: Jamie Ortiz

Best Speaker: Rob latimer

Oct. 1 Meeting Report

Toastmaster: Toastmaster Cass Lobsinger has been camping a million times and gave us a couple interesting statistics about camping. Did you know that 37 is the average age of adults who go camping? Second, campers have an average income of $43K a year.

Table Topics: Rod Hamby

T1- Have you ever found yourself needing to use a compass?

Genaro Torres: Went with a friend up a large mountain in Mexico only to find themselves lost. After being chased by different animals they decided to use a compass to get back home.

T2- Have you had to improvise ever by using something like a Swiss-Army knife?

DeAnne Snyder : Yes, every time Comi-Con is in town at the Convention Center. She also let us know that the Swiss-Army knife was invented by a women.

T3- A few items were found in a back-pack by the police in your trunk, including a large body bag, knife, a shovel, and rope. How do you explain yourself?

Alan Hoffmanner: He admits that he had borrowed Rod Hamby’s 1968 VW Bug, it had no plates, so he got pulled over. They found Rod’s back-pack in the trunk.

T4- Somewhere you have been camping or would love to go camping to?

Melissa (Guest): Loves camping, wether in a tent, car, or RV. They were once lost in the middle of nowhere for an entire day but had enough beer to get through the day, so everything was ok.
Speaker #1- Dave Sabon: “Closing More Sales by Going for No”

People buy on an emotional level, but justify it intellectually. Don’t ask: “Is this a good time to talk?” but instead, “Did I catch you at a bad time?” This is called a pattern interrupt and it actually shows them that your different than the last sales person who called.

Speaker #2- Happy Aston “First They Killed My Father”

Happy recited a chapter from this book she purchased in Cambodia, which is a National Best Seller. The chapter was “Pa” and she did a very amazing job portraying the character. Very touching and there was not a dry eye in the room.

Speaker #3: Jaime Ortiz “Don’t Wait for Tomorrow, Make it Happen Today.”

Jaime told us a few stories of people who have faced adversity. One was Carlos, a Navy Seal, who in 1989 lost use of both of his legs in battle. He later was the 3-time champion of the Hawaiian Iron Man. Jaime had fellow Toastmasters write down one thing they have always wanted to accomplish on a piece of paper. Anything is possible.

And the Winner Is…..

Best Table Topics: Alan Hoffmanner

Most Improved:  Dave Sabon

Best Evaluator:  Amy Gilstrap

Best Speaker:  Happy Aston

First Timer:  Akis Charbonneau