March 19, 2015: President’s Report

This past meeting we all travelled (in our imaginations) to Costa Rica as Mark E shared his experiences and stories of this Central American country with us.

Linda T was our guide in Table Topics. We found out from Manshu A why we should go to Costa Rica (the answer is “because Nicaragua doesn’t sound as nice”.) Indre F then shared with us how she tortured her future husband by forcing him to walk two hour across Rome. Natalie M convinced us of the advantages of speaking Spanish in Paris (it turns out to be slightly more useful than speaking Mandarin in Paris). And finally, Mr. and Mrs. E entertained us with the traditional Costa Rican marriage whistle song.

Speaking from the advanced manual “Special Occasions” with speech number 1 “The Toast”, Amy G led the club in a tribute to Ted Geisel in a speech entitled “Commemorating Dr. Seuss.” Cynthia P then informed us with speech number 6, Vocal Variety, entitled “FIRST Robotics”. (Cynthia, thank you for introducing the word “coopertition” to my vocabulary.) For more information on FIRST Robotics, visit or . The prepared speeches were rounded out with Mike R giving speech #4 from the Persuasive Speaking manual with “Article 5 of the Constitution: A Solution as Big as the Problem”.

Best Table Topics: Manshu A
Most Improved: Cynthia P
Best Evaluation: Jan C
Best Speaker: Cynthia P

Reminder again that dues are due. Please bring your $63 payment to Jerry M at the next meeting.