July 17 2014: Shorts

July 17, 2014: Wearing short pants as part of the meeting theme of shorts
July 17, 2014 theme: Shorts!

It was a meeting of “Shorts” at Voyagers…that is cargo shorts, Daisy Dukes, basketball shorts, work shorts, walking shorts, short shorts, knee highs and more. Our theme of “Shorts” brought out all kinds of shorts and shorts behavior. The three speeches were informative, innovative, and inspiring. Jessica Walton (Best Speaker) explained why basketball is more than a game to her and the team of girls she coaches. Mark Epstein, with the help of Mark Shapiro and Stark Raving Shapiro radio productions, gave a radio interview with questions and answers. And Jan Campana showed us why “Books Are the Best”.  Next weeks’ meeting is will be led by Mike Ruthenberg and the theme is “The Ocean”.