Speechcraft is Coming, Fall 2014

Voyagers will be starting a 5 week Speechcraft Program on Thursday mornings from 7:00 – 8:30 a.m. starting September 25, 2014 through October 25, 2014.

Please share the following information and help us find Speechcraft participants. Tell your friends and acquaintances and post to your social media. Maybe someone you know has an interest in improving their public speaking but has been waiting for the right opportunity! You may download the Speechcraft flyer (PDF) by clicking on the image link below:




Voyagers Toastmasters (http://voyagerstmclub.org/) will hold a Speechcraft Workshop open to anyone interested in improving their public speaking and communications skills.

The Speechcraft workshop will be held Thursday mornings from 7:00 – 8:30 AM and runs for five consecutive weeks starting September 25, 2014 through October 23, 2014. Sessions will be held at the Café Coyote Restaurant, in Old Town, 2461 San Diego Ave, San Diego CA 92110.  The cost of the workshop is $36 and includes all materials.

Speechcraft is a series of short, practical sessions in public speaking for those looking to overcome anxiety or to improve communication skills. Attendees will be a part of a learning, supportive and friendly environment. This will also be an opportunity to meet new people, network, while learning about Toastmasters International educational programs (http://www.toastmasters.org/).

In addition, attendees of the Speechcraft program will:

  • Learn to present your ideas with confidence
  • Develop public speaking skills using 6 key elements
  • Practice relating to your audience and building trust

The interactive sessions will include Table Topics, which will allow attendees to give impromptu speeches on various topics. In addition to the opportunity to practice speaking, attendees will hear impromptu and prepared speeches from Voyager Toastmasters (http://voyagerstmclub.org/) members. The speaking and listening skills developed during Speechcraft help develop attendee confidence in both social and career speaking situations.

Speechcraft participants may apply their workshop fee towards Toastmasters membership, and any speeches performed during that workshop will also count towards advancement in the Toastmasters Program.

For more information and to sign up – contact Felicia Douglis, fdouglis@hiringprep.com, (619) 992-9369.

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