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Welcome to the 2023 Dating Game. March 9 with Toastmasters

On Thursday, March 9, our Toastmaster John will help you make the connection. And maybe help you make some romantic connections.
On Thursday, March 9, our Toastmaster John will help you make the connection. And maybe help you make some romantic connections.

Welcome to the 2023 Dating Game.
Currently single or happily married, everyone has experienced the landmark in life known as the first date. On Thursday morning Voyagers Toastmasters will reveal all there is to know about flirting, the first date, and the goodnight kiss. Anything is possible as we list the secrets behind a successful encounter.
On Thursday, March 9, our Toastmaster John will help you make the connection. And maybe help you make some romantic connections.
Lets connect! On zoom!
Why should YOU check out Voyagers Toastmasters?
• Are you curious?
• Do you want to learn to shine when communicating with others?
• Do you want to improve your leadership skills?
• Do you want to wow others when networking or presenting (rather than make them 😴)?
Then you should check out Voyagers Toastmasters!! Come visit one of our meetings to learn why Voyagers has consistently been one of the top Toastmaster clubs in San Diego – we are diverse, fun, energetic and never boring!
Would you like to attend our meeting this week? 😊
Join the Meeting Here: http://tiny.cc/VoyagersToastmasters
Thursdays 7:00-8:30AM Pacific Time – Offered Online via Zoom Each Week
Zoom login information: http://tiny.cc/VoyagersToastmasters
Meeting ID: 883 0087 7354 Passcode: 546918
On the first Thursday of each month, we have a HYBRID meeting that’s both online and in person at Denny’s Clairemont Town Square 4280 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92117
Guests are always welcome to attend and participate.

Dec 15 Voyagers Meeting – Come Join Us

Do you want to improve your communication and presentation skills? Do better in school, in business, in life?

On Thursday, Dec 15, come check out Voyagers Toastmasters 7am PT to 8:30am PT.

On zoom at http://tiny.cc/VoyagersToastmasters.
If you have any questions, feel free to ping us here or call Mark at 619 249 7742. Or just zoom on in

It is a great time to join Toastmasters and find out what all the excitement is all about.

Our theme is Holiday Movies – what is your favorite Holiday Movie?


Voyagers Toastmasters Club #5315, established in Old Town in 1983, is a dynamic Toastmasters International Club with a long tradition of excellence, professionalism and enthusiasm. Our friendly members range from accomplished highly experienced Toastmasters to shy new Toastmasters. Meetings are regularly attended by 18+ members, even if not all have RSVP’d on Meetup.
Attire ranges from casual to business.

Guests are always welcome to attend and participate free of charge.
Please let us know you’ll be joining us for a Zoom Meeting!

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Mark Shapiro
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Voyagers Toastmasters Club Debates Three State Propositions

Voyagers Get Involved

Voyagers Toastmasters Club Debates Three State Propositions

Date: November 1 – Time: 7:00 – 8:30 AM
Place: Friendship Hall at University Christian Church, 3900 Cleveland Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103

Voyagers Toastmasters (located in the Hillcrest – Normal Heights area of San Diego) announces a special program targeted to local politics. Helping voters understand the issues, just days before the actual election, Voyagers will be examining three of the most critical state propositions – Prop 6, 8 and 10. Gas Tax, Dialysis Pricing, and Rent Control.

This will be fun as we examine what exactly these propositions are all about and discuss their pros and cons, especially how they affect you.

Free and open to all in the community, this special program will feature some of our club’s top speakers. And since this is a 7 AM meeting we always have free coffee and snacks!

This program is a great introduction to Toastmasters, the international non-profit organization known as the best place for public speaking and leadership training.

To reserve your spot, or for more details about this special program, please contact: Safwan Ahmed – Vice President of Membership – at (682) 234-1656 or online at hal@halslater.com
More about this event at http://voyagerstoastmasters.org/ and at Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/voyagerstoastmasters/
More about the Toastmasters International organization at http://www.toastmasters.org/

Aug 23 Meeting – Green Eggs and Ham via Chandler

Have you ever tried Green Eggs and Ham? Dr Seuss would urge you to try it, advocate that he was for trying new and scary things. The same could be said for Toastmasters, but don’t worry, our Thursday meeting wasn’t scary at all. Just great fellowship and learning.

Our Toastmaster Chandler led us in the theme of Dr. Seuss, which took us back to our childhood and reminded us of characters such as the Cat in the Hat, The Lorax and Horton the Elephant.

Our Grammarian, Maria, presented the word of the day, egregious, which gave us all a healthy opportunity to kvetch a little bit.

Table Topics, led by Tim S, was a festival of Dr Seuss references and teed up questions that kept our dear respondents quick on their feet. Lynn took top prize in Table Topics for her mouthwatering description of the best breakfast other than green eggs and ham.

In the prepared speeches, Rene made us laugh as he recounted all the times in his life he accidentally started fires, Mark S brought us up to speed on how to use your leadership style to be a better coach, and Karen gave us a touching tribute to her mother.

We’re sad to see this meeting end but as Seuss himself said, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”. See you next week, Voyagers, enjoy your week, and think and wonder, wonder and think!

June 14th – Are You Ready for the Truth?

Vpoyagers Winners - June 14, 2018
What happened on June 14, 2018 – Voyagers Toastmasters

The Truth and Nothing But the Truth was the theme on 6/14/18 picked by our Toastmaster, Rene R.

This made for some interesting Table Topics on questions such as, “Is it acceptable to tell white lies to avoid offending people?”

We learned more about Angelique H as she gave her Pathways Icebreaker speech.

Maggy B delivered a speech entitled, The Wonder Women, where we were educated on the tireless efforts of the hard-working women’s group.

Mark I’s speech was emotional and heartfelt as he described the firefighters who granted a young boy’s dying wish.

Winners this week:
Table Topics: Joe
Most Improved: Maggy
Best Evaluator: Mark S
Best Speaker: Mark I