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Feb 28 Meeting – Did You Miss It?

Mark Epstein – Immediate Past President, said – Today was a great meeting.  We had two guest speakers, including a 16 year old practicing for his Speech competition through the Lions club.
We had a total of five guests and around 25 or 26 people at the meeting.  Great energy.

So who won what?

Table topics. John (visitor)

Most improved. Mike Ruthenberg

Best eval. Mike Ruthenberg

Best speaker. Alexander (visitor) 10th grade from St. Augustine High School

Fruits & Vegetables

April 29, 2010
Theme of Day – Fruits & Vegetables

Word of the Day – Ambrosia – in classical mythology, the food of the deities which was supposed to make those who ate it immortal; a substance that tastes or smells delicious; a dessert or salad made from oranges, bananas and coconut

Bonus Word of the Day – Salmagundi – a mixed salad of various ingredients such as meat, poultry, fish & vegetables arranged in rows on a platter; a mixture or miscellany

JC Campana would rather get the 10 cents from his wife than use the word of the day.
Norbert Haupt – guest – ‘I do pastries, not ambrosia’
Ambrosia would be the Guiness & the pizza.
Ron Flores – guest
Miguel Angelo – guest from Mexico – His mother had a strange way of naming her children – and she probably would have named her next two children ambrosia & salmagundi
Rosario Erno – Guest – U of Phoenix student referred by Alan.

TM – Happy Aston
In the garden of life, friends are the flowers.

Speaker #1 – Diana Bergman – Presentation & Q & A. Members of a large community garden – Project #4 – Speaking under Fire from Advanced PR Manual –
‘Community Garden’

Speaker #2 – Justin Salbato – Speech #8 – Get comfortable with visual Aids – ‘Everyone Can Draw’

Speaker #3 – Norbert Haupt – ‘I am a Bookstore Mooch’ – He enjoys giving speeches because he can talk and no one can talk back. Formally from Fallbrook Village Toastmasters of 15 years.

Evaluators – Amber Toland-Perry, Peter Hansen & Christine McDannell
First Timers – Peter Jansen – evaluator & Jeff Greco – ah counter
Best Table topics – Miguel Angelo – guest
Most Improved – Christine McDannell
Best Evaluator – Christine McDannell
Best Speaker – Norbert Haupt – guest

May 8th Southern Division Contest
Jan Lewellyn gives us our golden gavel patch!

April 29th.

Fellow Voyagers,

On April 29, our guest speaker Norbert Haupt gave a speech called I’m a Bookstore Mooch. CEO by day, and Blooger and Artist by night, he enjoys writing book and movie reviews and describes himself as critical thinker who often writes on current issues as well.

Many of you asked for his website. Since he also wrote a blog on his visit to Toastmasters, I thought I’d pass on the website to you. Take a look, and drop a note, or visit the rest of the website.

Thanks again for welcoming him as our Guest Speaker. Next week, Jim Tucker, winner of the Area 12 Contest will be giving us his speech. You don’t want to miss this meeting, nor the opportunity to learn from a world class speaker!

And of course, don’t forget to mark your calendars for May 27 when Sheryl Roush comes to our club with her Sparkle Presentations workshop.