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June 8 2017 Meeting

Meeting Highlights

There is a venue change for the June 15 meeting. We will be located in the Music Room on the first level of the building on the other side of the chapel. This is due to the Rummage Sale setup in the Friendship Hall. We will return to the Friendship Hall on June 22.

Peripatetic Voyager Sheryl Roush gave an interactive session on presenting awards, during which President Karen W presented Max C with his club name badge. Sheryl also gifted our club with a new podium banner and a sidewalk sign sign. Thank you Sheryl! Sheryl will be the keynote speaker for our next Special Community Outreach meeting on August 10. Please save the date, and spread the word. This is sure to be an inspiring event!

  • Theme: Life’s Contradictions
  • Toastmaster: Jan C
  • Word of the Day: Disingenuous
  • Guest: Alice V (last visited Voyagers when the club was still at the Acapulco Restaurant in Old Town! Glad you found us again, Alice, and hope to see you again soon!)
  • First Timer: Max C (Pledge & Inspiration)
  • Table Topics: John W, “Alternate Reality”
  • Best Evaluator: Rene R
  • Best Speaker: Karen W, “Stepping up with Feedback”, Speeches by Management Project #2

Club Business

There are still some remaining leadership opportunities available for club officers. Please contact current President Karen W or Immediate Past President Donna G to learn more. The Voyagers Board will meet online with Zoom on Monday June 12 from 6-7 p.m. Any club member is welcome to join the meeting by smartphone or computer, or even a plain old telephone! Contact Jerry M for details on how to get hooked up.


June 1 2017 Meeting

Meeting Highlights

The June 15 meeting will be in the Youth Room located  upstairs on the other side of the chapel.  The reason is because of a Rummage Sale in the Friendship Hall.

Save the date! Our next special community outreach meeting is August 10.  Professional speaker and Voyager Sheryl Roush will be the keynote speaker. Be sure to spread the word!

  • Theme: Historical Buildings in San Diego
  • Toastmaster: Justin S
  • Word of the Day: Momentous
  • First Timer: Rene R (Topics Master)
  • Most Improved: Rene R
  • Table Topics: Jerry M
  • Best Evaluator: Jerry M
  • Best Speaker: Jan C, “Interesting Lists”, Speaking to Inform #1.

March 23 2017 Meeting

Meeting Highlights

The special community outreach meeting was lively and well-attended. Participants ranged from new guests visiting a Toastmasters meeting for the first time to professional speakers (Accredited Speakers Hal Slater and Sheryl Roush) and all levels between!

  • Toastmaster: Jerry M
  • Theme: Toastmasters in the Community
  • Word of the Day: Communal
  • Guests: Ruja N, Luke E, Rene R
  • Table Topics: Ruja N (guest)
  • Most Improved: Julia F
  • Best Evaluator: Max C
  • Best Speaker: Simon V;  Competent Communicator manual project #5 – Your Body Speaks; Title: “Jump!”

Club Business

Semi-annual membership dues

The club must process the remaining membership renewals with Toastmasters International by April 1. That’s no joke! We can’t do it without your dues. Please get your dues in if you haven’t done so already.

January 26 1017 Meeting Synopsis

Meeting Highlights

The Baja Room was still being renovated, so the club met upstairs again.

  • Theme: Google It!
  • Toastmaster: Jerry M
  • Word of the Day: Confabulate
  • Guest: Brent D (invited by Sheryl Roush)
  • Most Improved: Tim S
  • Best Topics: John W
  • Best Evaluator: Julia F
  • Best Speaker: Maria F; Competent Communicator Manual Project #8; “Tamale Boss”

Club Business

Club members were invited to join in a tour of a prospective venue after the meeting. Next week’s meeting will still be at Cafe Coyote, possibly in the Baja Room if renovations are complete. Otherwise, the meeting will be upstairs again. The theme will be “Essential Oils.”

December 14 2016 Meeting Synopsis

Meeting Highlights

  • Theme: Mindfulness
  • Toastmaster: Angelique H
  • Word of the day: Cogitative
  • Guest: Gideon S
  • First Timers: Maria F (2nd Sgt@Arms) and guest Gideon S (Jester)
  • Most Improved: Julie F
  • Table Topics: Sheryl Roush
  • Best Evaluator: John W
  • Best Speaker Jerry M, “Alternate Reality “

Club Business

The meeting began with the election of club officers for the upcoming term (January 2017-June 2017).  The incoming officers are:

  • President: Karen W
  • Vice President of Education: John W
  • Vice President of Membership: Jerry M
  • Vice President of Public Relations: Max C
  • Secretary: Julia F
  • Treasurer: Cynthia P
  • Sargent-at-Arms: Terry H

Thanks to the outgoing board for their leadership and service!