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Aug 23 Meeting – Green Eggs and Ham via Chandler

Have you ever tried Green Eggs and Ham? Dr Seuss would urge you to try it, advocate that he was for trying new and scary things. The same could be said for Toastmasters, but don’t worry, our Thursday meeting wasn’t scary at all. Just great fellowship and learning.

Our Toastmaster Chandler led us in the theme of Dr. Seuss, which took us back to our childhood and reminded us of characters such as the Cat in the Hat, The Lorax and Horton the Elephant.

Our Grammarian, Maria, presented the word of the day, egregious, which gave us all a healthy opportunity to kvetch a little bit.

Table Topics, led by Tim S, was a festival of Dr Seuss references and teed up questions that kept our dear respondents quick on their feet. Lynn took top prize in Table Topics for her mouthwatering description of the best breakfast other than green eggs and ham.

In the prepared speeches, Rene made us laugh as he recounted all the times in his life he accidentally started fires, Mark S brought us up to speed on how to use your leadership style to be a better coach, and Karen gave us a touching tribute to her mother.

We’re sad to see this meeting end but as Seuss himself said, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”. See you next week, Voyagers, enjoy your week, and think and wonder, wonder and think!

March 9 2017 Meeting Synopsis

Club Business

Community Outreach meeting publicity

Jerry M distributed flyers for Voyagers Toastmasters special March 23  community outreach meeting. Please post these around your community; contact Jerry if you need additional flyers. Also, consider posting a Press Release link to your social media community on nextdoor.com, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media outlets.

Semi-annual membership dues

Please get your membership renewal dues in on or before March 23. This will help us reach our goal submitting all club membership renewal dues to Toastmasters International before the April 1 deadline. Thanks to those Voyagers who turned in  their membership dues on or before last week’s meeting!

Board Meeting

All Voyagers Toastmasters  are welcome to join the online Voyagers Board meeting from 6:00-7:00 PM on Monday March 13.  Contact Jerry M for the Zoom meeting invitation link.

Meeting Highlights

  • Toastmaster: Karen W
  • Theme: Spring Forward
  • Word of the Day: Transition
  • Guests: Shiva A, Francisca R
  • Table Topics: Jan C
  • Most Improved: Nancy J
  • Best Evaluator: Cynthia P
  • Best Speaker: Annie J, “The Nature of Gifts”, Competent Communicator project #10

Note: Annie J earned the Competent Communicator rating with her speech today. Congratulations Annie!

March 2 2017 Meeting Synopsis

Club Business

Semi-annual membership dues

Please get your payment in by March 23 for membership from April 1 through September 30.

Community Outreach meeting publicity

Here is the link to a new Press Release about the upcoming special March 23 meeting to say hello to our new community. Please spread the word  by posting it on community-oriented social media like nextdoor.com as well as on your  Facebook and LinkedIn. Posting flyers on library and coffee shop bulletin boards is also effective. Thank you Mark S for the Press Release!

Board Meeting Monday March 13

All Voyagers are invited to the Board  meeting on Monday March 13 from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. This is an online Zoom Meeting. You may join from a computer, or you may install the free app to your mobile device. Email Jerry M for the meeting link.

Meeting Highlights

  • Toastmaster: Maria F
  • Theme: Tax Preparation
  • Word of the Day: Capricious
  • Guests: Gideon S (returning guest); Karen Kaufman (Area 12 Director)
  • First Timer: Maria F (Toastmaster)
  • Table Topics: Gideon S (guest)
  • Most Improved: Maria F
  • Best Evaluator: Jan C
  • Best Speaker: Simon V

Note: Nancy J has  earned her Competent Communicator rating with today’s speech. Congratulations!

Interesting Factoid: According to Jerry M, our current venue at the Friendship Hall of the University Christian Church, is the 8th home of Voyagers Toastmasters over the past 33 years!

February 25 2016 Meeting Synopsis

  • Theme: Music Preferences and What It Says About You!
  • Toastmaster: Alan H
  • Word of Day: Intuition
  • Guests: Tedena W. (visiting Toastmaster), Monty D.
  • First Timers: Julia F (Pledge & Inspire), Annie J (Evaluator), Tim S (Evaluator)
  • Most Improved: Cynthia P
  • Best Table Topics: Monty D. (Guest)
  • Best Evaluator: Annie J
  • Best Speaker: Cynthia P, “Two Terry Tales” (Competent Communicator qualifying speech)